Will All The Rain Cause Flooding Problems In The Area?

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Buncombe County – Rain, rain and more rain. Area residents are starting to joke, “When did Western North Carolina move to Seattle, Washington” – a region well-known for its rainfall.  Well, the joke is not lost on residents, the question is if all the rain is leading to a flooding problem.

Flooding is a localized problem and, depending on where you are, may or may not be a problem for someone just down the road. One person’s mud puddle is another person’s flooding problem, and you don’t have to be in a flood plain to have flooding problems.

Buncombe County Emergency Manager Jerry VeHaun told the Tribune when asked if there would be any significate flooding in the North Buncombe area, “I think we’ll be alright with this. You know they’re having a little flooding out in Henderson and Transylvania, but that’s normal.”

According to the weather advisory/warning up at the National Weather website “the Upper French Broad River basin has received 1-2 inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours and 3-5 inches of rainfall over the past 48 hours. This rainfall is occurring over saturated soils creating above-normal runoff and streamflow response and resulting in significant rises along the French Broad River and its tributaries. A combination of routed flow from the Upper French Broad and local inflow near the French Broad River at Fletcher is causing the river to rise out of its banks, flooding adjacent low-lying areas including greenways, low-water crossings, parks, boat-access areas, and other low-lying land.

“The river will rise above Minor Flood Stage which will result in more significant inundation of adjacent low-lying areas and a few common road closures. Additional rainfall may cause additional rises later today into Saturday, so it is important to monitor the latest forecasts and flood products.”

“I think will be alright here in Buncombe as long as the bottom doesn’t fall out on us,” VeHaun added.


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