Weaverville declares state of emergency

Weaverville Mayor Al Root issues emergency declaration in the face of Hurricane Florence

Weaverville Mayor Al Root issued an emergency declaration on Thursday, September 13, saying “in the face of Hurricane FlorenceI have detennined that there is an imminent threat of, or existing conditions have caused or will cause, widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss oflife or property, and public safety authorities will be unable to maintain public order or afford adequate protection for lives or property.”

He goes on to say that he was “declaring a State of Emergency and imposing the restrictions and prohibitions
ordered herein is necessary to maintain order and protect public health, safety, and welfare, and to secure

As a reults Root says in the declaration that he “…hereby order all Town of Weaverville law enforcement officers and employees and all other emergency management personnel subject to Town control to cooperate in the enforcement and implementation of the provisions of this Declaration, all applicable local ordinances, state and federal laws, and the Town of Weaverville and Buncombe County Emergency Operations Plan.”

See the complete declaration below:

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