Town hears from public and gets pirate ship for park at meeting

By Clint Parker

Woodfin – The Woodfin Board of Aldermen heard a lot from residents who showed up at their monthly meeting on Tuesday (Jan. 21). After the meeting got underway and public comment opened up, several citizens had comments or questions. On Jan. 13th the same board had made a decision for reversing the speed limits in town.

The main conversation centered around what was going on with the greenway project. Coral Darby, a resident of River Walk, kicked off the questions she had about the project, saying, “I have a business in Asheville.

We’ve donated hours to help raise funding, and as a voter, I’d like to be brought in the loop and be a little bit more informed as to deadlines, timeless. So that we’re maximizing the project and we see it through to completion. So how can I get updates?” Town Manager Jason Young offered to meet with Darby and after some discussion, the board talked about modifying a timeline on the project and posting it on the town’s website.

Others during the comment period echoed Darby’s sentiments about being informed and would like to know how to support the town’s efforts to complete the project.

In another public comment, a woman who did not state her name but said she represented residents on Crest Mountain and more specifically, Destination Drive, requested speed bumps for the road. She had a petition signed by all residents of the road she delivered in August. Young apologized for not having addressed the issue by now and the board, after some discussion, said they would take care of it as soon as the weather permitted.

After public comment time, the first item under new business was a resolution of appreciation to Woodfin Mayor Jerry VeHaun. The resolution (see complete resolution this page) comes on the heels of VeHaun retirement from the position of Buncombe County EMS Director after serving in that position for nearly a half-century. The resolution, besides praising VeHaun for his “selflessness and generosity,” also established every February 1st to “Jerry VeHaun Day” in the Town of Woodfin.

David Tuck

The board then heard a brief update and request for a change order on the development of the Silverline Park with the most significant change come to the playground area. Equinox Representative David Tuck said, “The big change right now, the playground area, we had learned there was some history with the Woodfin River Pirates (a reference to historical river pirates that operated along the French Broad), so the playground area, we came to you showed an example of one of the main features…could be like a sunken pirate ship.” He also said the design was about 60 percent done.

The board also reappointed Mayor VeHaun to the Metropolitan Sewage District for another term, rejected a request to accept an unopened section of road off Leisure Mountain Road into the road system and tabled a request for a volunteer annexation until their February meeting.

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