Town celebrates with Chief as he retires

By Benjamin Cohn

Woodfin – Tuesday night’s monthly meeting of Woodfin’s board of aldermen was a brief one. Only four items were on the meeting’s agenda, including the board’s intention to establish regular meeting procedures, a public hearing on the second phase of a proposed new subdivision, approval of the subdivision itself and a $35,000 budget amendment to cover what the town calls “unbudgeted expenses related to professional services.”

Woodfin Town administrator Jason Young described the proposed ‘Greenwood Fields’ subdivision in Woodfin ahead of the item’s public discussion. “Several years ago, we passed a subdivision plan, a master plan [detailing] a subdivision which revolved around two phases. The first phase is largely built out. From what I understand, it’s been quite successful. The second phase, we understand, will also be successful. The second phase is, I believe, 64 units, single-family, residential, and we can discuss other issues if we want.”

Buster Brown represented Greenwood Fields subdivision during Tuesday’s meeting. Brown described the project as “moving along pretty well, the first phase has gone well. It took us a while to get started, from the time we bought the property, with the way the market was, but we’re pleased to be here and the reception’s been great.” Brown made time for questions but none were asked. No public comments were made about the proposed subdivision. The board then voted to approve an ordinance approving the subdivision.

The final item on Tuesday’s docket was a budget amendment proposed by Young. “We anticipate to be under budget for the fiscal year in the amount of $35,000. We have authority to move funds around within departments,” Young said. The budget amendment was approved unanimously.

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