Town adds some extra eyes

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – An extra set of eyes to keep a vigil on things is not bad to have nearby and the Town of Weaverville has added some extra eyes to keep watch. These eyes don’t take breaks, don’t blink and don’t get sleepy. That’s because they are security cameras.
“[The] town council approved funds for security cameras in the current year’s budget for Town Hall, Police Department, and Public Works,” explains Weaverville Town Manager Selena Coffey. “They have now been installed in all of these [places]. Security improvements had never been budgeted for these facilities, while others such as the Water Treatment Plant and Fire Department have had security measures (including cameras and security locks, etc.) already in place. I felt that we should be proactive in securing all of the Town’s resources and employees.”

According to Coffey, the cameras are inside and outside of the town hall and the public works facility. Asked if anything had prompted the installation of the new security measures, Coffey said, “Nothing prompted the need for the cameras except for us to be proactive.”

Asked how the cameras are monitored she said, “The cameras can be monitored from computers by staff and are recorded. We have no one specific person who monitors them at all times.”

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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