There will be fireworks!

There was another fireworks discussion at a regular town meeting in Weaverville Monday night (Nov. 19)

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – There was another fireworks discussion at a regular town meeting in Weaverville Monday night (Nov. 19). As a result the council passed a motion to have a smaller than normal fireworks display from the Weaverville Primary School’s baseball field for the Fourth of July celebration next year.

Many may not have known that the Weaverville tradition of an annual fireworks display at the town’s Fourth of July event was even in danger of being discontinued. The Tribune reported on the prospect of no fireworks in volume 16 issue 43 of the paper back in October.

The problem with the Lake Louise location was the distance from where the fireworks were being launched to occupied homes along with the requirement for additional insurance protection by Pyrotecnico, the fireworks company. This rendered the Lake Louise location unusable. The town looked at several other sites at the October meeting, but all were deemed unsuitable.

Since then, Town Manager Selena Coffey, at the request of the council, explored the option of bringing the fireworks back to Main Street and offered the council two alternatives at the November meeting. One was the school parking area across from town hall and the other was the Weaverville Primary baseball field.

“If we look at using the baseball field we can go with the two-inch mortars and we’ll need…a 200-foot safety radius. That does not require vacating any homes, but what it does require though, is if you will look, …that [school] roof membrane be covered…[with] the fire blankets,” explained Coffey. She also explained while one- to two-inch mortars could be use at the baseball field, the parking lot area would only allow for one-inch mortars to be used.

The town council opted for the baseball field. Both pyrotechnic displays would be smaller than the four- to five-inch mortars that were used at the lake site, but will be just as long in duration.

The town will also have to spend an additional cost of about $7,500 for the fire blankets, which can be reused, but will save money on busing costs. Busing was required to transport attendees to the lake event. Permission still has to be given from the school, but Coffey didn’t think it was going to be a problem after speaking to the Weaverville Primary Principal, Stephen Chandler.

The meeting was overseen by Vice Mayor Doug Jackson, as Mayor Al Root was out of town.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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