Spring Clean-up rules in Woodfin

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Woodfin – The Town of Woodfin is once again holding its annual Spring Clean-Up will be the week of May 5th. Citizens are invited to lug all their accumulated garbage and debris from the long Winter months up to the curb for collection on their normal garbage day. While the town is happy to take a lot more than usual from your newly, cleaned home to the landfill some rules still apply.

First, the Town cannot accept tires. There are ways to dispose of these and if you need help getting rid of them please contact Town Hall.

Second, Hazardous Materials, Any poisons, paints, accelerants, explosives, or other potential bio-hazards still have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. While you cannot mix them into the waste stream there are proper ways to dispose of them and if you need assistance please call or email the town for more information.

Third, yard waste. The town is happy to collect you yard trimmings, but as ALWAYS they must be separated from garbage or they cannot take them. Additionally, branches should be no more than four feet in length and large tree trunks and branches cannot be processed. If you have these please contact the town and they will try to help you dispose of them.

If you have a contractor working for you to trim trees or produce anything more than leaves, grass clippings and a few small branches then you need to ensure that your contractor removes them from Town limits as part of their contract. Far too many contractors bring yard waste from other locations into town limits and dispose of non-resident debris as part of their work on the town’s residents’ yards for the town to continue subsidizing this practice. If you have a question about this policy please call the town.

Four, bulk items. The town is happy to accept bulk items like couches and mattresses although pickup of some items may not occur on your normal collection day. Additionally, while the town will collect bulk items at no charge they cannot accept large collections of furniture from a single household so please be judicious in what you dispose of.

If you have questions about what the town collect and how it’s disposed of check out the Town of Woodfin’s website at

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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