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Weaverville  –  At the January meeting of the Weaverville Town Council, council members voted to move forward with some of the new changes to the Lake Louise Community Center plans, but not all.  Following the council request, from an earlier meeting,  Weaverville Town Manager Selena Coffey and staff work with the architectural firm to address some additional changes to the plans including:

  • 1) Finalize the concept plans for the new community center with change from a commercial kitchen to a catering kitchen
  • 2) Request estimated cost implications if rooms within the community center were designated for use as sports courts for pickleball and other similar activities.

Following-up with the council on the new plans, Coffey met with Mayor Al Root and each council member “…to review two options for the layout of the community center…preference from all was that we move forward with option B.”

Coffey “…requested an additional drawing to reflect plans for the entire community center site. The purpose of this request references back to the period in time when staff was trying to develop a site plan that incorporated outdoor multi-purpose sports courts that could be utilized for recreational purposes, such as multi-sports courts for tennis, pickleball, basketball and other outdoor passive recreation activities. Our architectural firm has addressed this request as well.”

The town’s architects provided an estimated cost analysis. “This analysis showed that the community center project cost could increase by $59,000 – $78,350 by conforming the rooms to accommodate such activities as indoor pickleball. This would also have other functional and aesthetic implications.” The council voted not to include the mutli-purpose sports courts inside the building. 

Currently, plans still show a room for a museum, as the Dry Ridge Museum is still on borrowed time at its present home in the bottom level of the library on North Main Street.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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