Roads, schools and alcohol dominate meeting

By Benjamin Cohn

Woodfin – Gus Mujica and other representatives for the Woodfin 5k race spoke at Woodfin’s monthly Board of Aldermen meeting last week, proudly reporting some of the statistics from the recent iteration of the run.
“It was a success, bottom line,” Mujica said. “Everything went fairly smooth. I wanted to introduce you to the president of the organization … Charlie Glazener.”
Glazener thanked the board for their time, saying “I’m a product of Buncombe County Schools. It’s been a delight to work with Woodfin Elementary School and the principal. Right now we have $16,128 in the bank. We keep about 20 percent of that to do next year’s race, get that going, seed money.
“We split the rest … about $7,000 or $8,000 each between the PTO [parent-teacher organization] and the school. When you have 140 students, that goes a long way. That’s over $100 per student,” Glazener explained.
The first item on last week’s agenda was the consideration of a resolution supporting the current ABC system, as opposed to what’s been called the privatization of local ABC boards, which would reroute profits from local ABC stores to larger municipalities at the county or state level.
The proposed resolution passed, as did the next motion for the town to accept an agreement regarding tax collection. The board further voted to set a date for a budget retreat, which they agreed would be May 28th.
The board then discussed bids for various public works jobs, including the maintenance of several inherited roads noted for being in rough shape.
“You have received bids for certain roads, but not all the roads, from our qualified bidders,” said Town Administrator Jason Young. “What I would request the board do is authorize me to sign a contract with the lowest bidder on each one of those jobs.”
The four roads in question are Leisure Mountain Road, Verde Drive, Bear Ridge Hills and Running Ridge Road, according to Alderman Don Hensley. A motion was approved to instruct Young to accept the lowest bid offered.
Woodfin Police Chief Michael Dykes delivered his monthly report to the board, telling them, “You’ll notice the total number of dispatched events for April 2019 was 654, compared to 764 last April. It sounds like the calls for service are going down. However, we’re still up for the year about 13 percent.
“Traffic crashes were also down by three from last year and, year-to-date, that number is exactly right on [target], We are three less this year than we were last year and we attribute that to our increased traffic enforcement out on the roadway.” The board then voted to adjourn.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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