Rising from the ashes

By Clint Parker

Flat Creek – Back in October of last year someone torched Weaverville Tire & Wheel Center in Flat Creek. At the time Shad Higgins, owner of the business, was running for sheriff of Buncombe County. A race he eventually lost, but a new race to get his new building open is one he’s winning. Now, four months later Higgins’ new building is rising from the ashes of the old.

Weaverville Tire & Wheel was right back in business just down the road in a temporary location less than five days after the fire thanks to friends, family and the community. The new permanent home, again in the old site, is quickly rising up to replace what some arsonist destroyed.

When asked how the new facility was coming, Higgins said, “Very well! My dad and I left out of here at 1:15 am this morning and then back here at 7:30 am going at it. So it’s going well.”

Higgins believes that he will have the new building open in less than a month with a few differences. “It’s a little bit of layout difference. Really not that much difference,” Higgins told the Tribune. Looking back at the way things were Higgins knew where he wanted to change things to improve the old layout. In all, there is about 1,000 square feet more in a broader but shorter building that is about two feet taller than his old building.

“We’re fighters! We never quit, and whatever it takes we’re going to get back and be better than ever,” said Higgins.

The investigation into the arson of his business has never yielded a suspect or an arrest that the SBI has made public.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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