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Reports Of Military, Law Enforcement At Area Schools

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED AT 1:55 PM - Nov. 8, 2018

By Clint Parker

North Buncombe/Madison County – The Tribune has received two separate reports of a “heavy military and law enforcement” presence at Madison High School and a heavy law enforcement presents at North Buncombe High School. One Madison parent provided proof of the report by sending pictures from Madison High School. The military presence turned out to be false and was cleared up (read rest of story).

The Tribune has contacted both Director of Communications Stacia Harris at the Buncombe County School and the Madison County Board of Education to try and get answers. While Harris had not responded by the time we posted this, Madison County School Superintendent Will Hoffman did.

“We were made aware of an unspecified threat over social media. It was not against any of our schools specifically and the principal just wanted to call in law enforcement,” said Hoffman. “We also learned that there was a heighten safety concern at North Buncombe and Polk County as a result of this.” Hoffman when on to explain that some of the students recognized the name.

Hoffman also said that a suspect has been apprehended and that there was never a military presence as was reported to the Tribune, but that it was only members of the school’s ROTC staff.

Also North Buncombe Principal Samantha Sircey said in a message to parents this morning that “We want to make you aware of a situation at our school today. A student brought a concerning social media post to administrators attention. Law enforcement is fully involved, and has determined that no threats to our school, students or staff have been made.”

These events come on the heels of a lockdown earlier this week at Asheville High School.

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