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Presbyterian Church creates place of fellowship

By Lance Hickey

Barnardsville – Dillingham Presbyterian Church was the place of worship I attended for this week’s segment of places where we worship in Northern Buncombe and Madison Counties.

I had the opportunity to attend service on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17. The church is located on the back end of Barnardsville on the outskirts of Pisgah National Forest and just off Dillingham Road. The property sits on the beautiful mountainside with unforgettable, striking mountain views.

Walking into the church, I was greeted by three highly energetic, welcoming people. I took a seat in a pews. The sanctuary began to fill. The congregation encompassed people who seemed to come from many different backgrounds and ages. Some dressed in their Sunday best suits. Some dressed in jeans. It was a comfortable, inviting setting.

The sanctuary proved to be hard to forget. It was glowing. The building, built in 1934, made out of local creek stone, seemed to glimmer in the light. Wooden chestnut high beams filled the sanctuary, creating a perfect accent with the stone. Six large chandeliers hung from the sanctuary ceiling, creating an inviting ambiance. A wooded cross hung on the white backdrop of the sanctuary altar. It was a beautiful setting.

Service began just after 11 am as the choir stepped to the center platform and began to sing the Choral Prelude. Pastor Richard Hicks then came forward to welcome the congregation and present the Sunday morning announcements. The call to worship from Psalms was then stated.

Following the prayer of Invocation, the congregation sang the hymn “Praise Him! Praise Him!”. It was a time for the church to sing as a combined and united core. They followed the first hymn with a confession of faith and another well-known hymn titled “Gloria Patri.” Parishioners then took their seats as the choir performed the Choral Anthem.

A time for tithes and offerings came as the church deacons stepped forward. Following a prayer of thanksgiving, the congregation sang two more hymns before Pastor Hicks came forward to present his Sunday morning sermon.

Hicks spoke on the bondage of sin, speaking about the power of God’s grace. A time of prayer came as Hicks finished his message. The congregation then sang “Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory”, another hymn before the benediction and the service dismissed.

Planted in 1896 by Reverend Robert P. Smith, Dillingham Presbyterian Church has served the Barnardsville community for more than a century, including offering a host of ministry outreach today. Reverend E. Mac. Davis served as the church’s first pastor and founding pastor. The church opened its current property in 1934. Married to his wife, Janice, Pastor Hicks has served as the church’s pastor for nearly 15 years.

Dillingham Presbyterian Church proved to be a congregation welcoming to all. The service was traditional in its presentation. The church values fellowship, a value that stood out from the beginning. Dillingham Presbyterian Church showed why it is an asset to the Barnardsville community.

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