Police Chief Addresses Report Of Attempted Child Abduction

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – On April 19 Billy Jenkins, Beaver Lake Warden, posted the following (see above screenshot) to the Friends of Beaver Lake Facebook: “Yesterday around 3:00 the Weaverville Police Department was called to lake Louise because a gray haired lady tried to abduct a 6 year old girl…These people aren’t going to stop until they get caught…If you walk around Beaver Lake please pay attention to your surroundings…I can’t be everywhere at once and I would hate for something like that to happen at our park…If you see someone suspicious sitting in a car or walking around the lake do not hesitate to call the Asheville Police Department and let’s get them checked out..I will ask them what they are doing if you will just call and let me know….”

The posting followed a WLOS report made on April 2nd about a story of an attempted abduction at Beaver Lake on April 1st in which the news media said, “Asheville authorities are stepping up patrols in North Asheville after an unknown individual attempted to lure a juvenile into a vehicle Monday night.” The report further stated that a grey-haired older woman tried to “…entice a juvenile into a vehicle by stating ‘do you want to see a puppy?’.”

A follower of the Tribune asked us to look into the posting of an attempted abduction at Lake Louise. The Tribune asked Weaverville Police about this report and here’s what Weaverville Police Chief Ron Davis had to say: “…about what happened at Lake Louise. While we did respond to that area for suspicious behavior, there was no child abduction. We did look into this matter and investigated it, but after speaking to witnesses etc., abduction was ruled out.”

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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