Kayak Rescuers Send Police And Fire Scrambling

UPDATE: 9:50 am on Tuesday, April 23

By Clint Parker

Woodfin – Police and fire units of Woodfin were sent scrambling into action Friday afternoon as two unidentified men had authorities, in lights and siren mode, on the way to the Old Leicester Highway Bridge to check on their safety. The two-man had turn themselves into a kayak salvage team as they looked to retrieve one of several kayak that had been washed down the French Broad River from rising flood waters. 

One of the men had rigged a repelling connection to the bridge and lowered himself down over the raging river’s water in an effort to recover a kayak that had gotten lodged against one of the bridge’s piers. By the time authorities had reached the location the man was already back up onto the bridge.

The man was allowed to recover the board he had already secured to a rope, but police remained at the scene to make sure they did not repel again off the bridge. No arrests were made, and authorities remind citizens that property is not more important than anyone’s life.



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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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