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One woman’s journey that led her to live in Weaverville

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By Morgan Cook

Weaverville — Many people move multiple times in their lives. This allows them to make new connections, gain new experiences, and learn about different areas. Monica Yvette Cook, 46, is one of these individuals who has lived in three states. Cook now lives in Weaverville and is a local real estate agent. She is the first profile in our new feature about business people in the area.

Cook was born and raised in Justice, West Virginia. She studied Business at Concord University in Princeton, West Virginia after graduating from high school. In 1997 she married her husband, Lyndon Paul Cook, 50. Cook explained that “in 1997 right after I got married in April we moved to Richlands. During August of 1997, we moved to Kernersville. We moved there because my husband got a job with Sears Corporation. That’s when I got a job at the National Chevelle Owners Association magazine as an office manager.”

From 2001 to 2006, she was living in High Point, NC and there she had her three children: Morgan Alyssa Cook, 18, Kylie Starr Cook, 15, and Tristan Paul Cook, 14.

In 2006, Monica moved to Asheville, NC. When asked about this move, she stated, “My husband received a promotion at UPS into management. When I moved here, I thought it was beautiful and the views reminded me a lot of West Virginia.”

She began to home-school her three children. She also began to attend the North Point Baptist Co-op for homeschooled children. There she was able to teach classes, form friendships, and learn about the area.
In 2009, Monica and her family moved to Weaverville, NC. “We moved because that is where we most connected with church, co-op, friends, and we liked the feel of a small town yet the closeness to a big city.”
Cook is currently a member of Brookstone Church in Weaverville. She is also involved in activities at North Buncombe Schools. She has helped and currently helps in both community and school-based football, baseball, basketball, and cheerleading teams.

While living in Weaverville, Cook began working for Merrimon Family Chiropractic where she explained, “I initially started out as part of their marketing team and then my coworker, Serenity Allen, and I started the nonprofit organization, GIVE (Global Impact Volunteer Events). Through this program, in the first year, we raised over $9,000 for local nonprofits.”

Monica also worked for the US Census Bureau as a Crew Leader Assistant in the year 2010 and as a Crew Leader/Trainer in 2017.

Cook began her work as an office manager for Keller Williams in January of 2017. After learning about the real estate market in Asheville, she was excited to jump in. This led her to begin the journey to get her Real Estate license.

She was officially licensed in 2017. Cook’s work with the Census Bureau combined with the connections she has made in the community from previous activities and jobs helped her get started as a real estate agent.
When asked about living in Weaverville, Monica responded: “I feel blessed to live, work, raise my children, and give back to a community that reminds me so much of my hometown.”

Full disclosure: Monica Cook is Morgan Cook’s mother. Morgan is the Tribune summer intern.

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