New town fountain nears completion

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – A new town fountain nears completion in front of the Weaverville Town Hall. The brick-lined fountain replaces a tree that had to be removed because the NC Department of Transportation (DOT) indicated the tree was obscuring the pedestrian crosswalk sign for drivers to see and had to be removed. The DOT has jurisdiction over Weaverville’s Main Street.

Those who might have passed by the fountain a week before might have noticed a pallet of rocks near the fountain and thought they might have been going to be used on the fountain. Asked about that, Weaverville Town Manager Selena Coffee said, “The rocks were going to be used as a temporary top for the fountain. The rocks you saw were from the former (Lake Louise) Community Center to be used temporarily. However, we made the decision to use commercial pavers for temporary tops.”

Coffey went on to say, “We have ordered the permanent toppers and are waiting for their delivery. The fountain brickwork is complete and the final cost was approximately $11,000. Our talented Public Works team will be finishing the project and we’ve had great comments about the fountain! I’m so excited to see it finished. I think everyone will be proud!”

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