New biz offers “antiques & uniques”

By Benjamin Cohn

Weaverville – Last month saw the unofficial opening of Weaverville’s newest place to buy old things – Gotta Have It!

Owners Victoria Hurd and Terri Wilson took control of the shop a few months ago and have spent the majority of their time since renovating and cleaning. Now, though, the location is packed to the gills with an eclectic collection of lawn decorations, hand-crafted pottery and other intriguing oddities.

The term “flea market” might leap to mind when taking in all that Gotta Have It! has to offer, but Hurd and Wilson balk at the description. Rather, they prefer to think of their offerings as a “step up” from a flea market, using the terms “vendor’s market” and “tailgate market” to describe their business.

Rather than have people hawk their dusty books and family mementos, Gotta Have It! offers a spacious venue for reputable vendors to come display their hand-picked items. The duo plans to expand the business to include a true farmer’s market for local produce.

This weekend marked the company’s first monthly tailgate market, similar to the established one on Wednesdays, but with a focus on hand-crafted materials. Several vendors came out on Saturday to display their wares.

Hurd and Wilson are happy with the reception and turnout for their inaugural tailgate.

“We’re pleased with the first one. We think it’ll continue to grow,” Wilson revealed.

The two business owners had crossed paths several times in the self-contained universe of antiquities.

“We’ve both been vendors at Regeneration Station (a used furniture store in Asheville), so we have crossed paths there. The antique community is its own network of people, so you run into the same people at auctions and estate sales.”

Hurd had retired some years before moving to North Carolina and was in search of a storefront for her business idea. Fortune would have Wilson’s brother drop the perfect location into his sister’s lap in the form of the 60 Monticello Road address that currently houses their business.

“You had come to me and said to me, ‘I’m looking to open a shop,’” Wilson said to her business partner.

“I had been looking for about a year,” Hurd said.

“You had come to me and said, ‘If I open [a business], are you interested in being a vendor?’” Wilson said to Hurd. Wilson continued, “Then, my brother comes to me and said, ‘I’m buying a building. You need to set up an antique mall in here.’”

Wilson then called Hurd and broke the news, finding the opportunity to be perfect.

In addition to their many pieces of antique furniture and other hand-made items, Gotta Have It! sells local foodstuffs provided by the community.

“We’re enjoying doing the local honey and selling the pot pies and meat,” Hurd said.

The two entrepreneurs revel in the small, tightly-knit community that Weaverville offers.

“It is my life’s mission to be part of a community and give back to that community,” Hurd said.

“You really have to have a network and a community to make that community a better place and help everybody out.”


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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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