McCoy celebrates 20 years as Minister of Music

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – The smell of good Sunday cooking wafted in the air as workers in the First Baptist Church in Weaverville placed food on a long set of tables in the church’s fellowship hall. It wasn’t homecoming, though the food, and event, was in celebration of the last 20 years that its Minister of Music had served at the church.

Jane McCoy, whose husband, Jim, is the former pastor of the church, has been serving as the church’s Minister of Music for two decades and the leadership and congregation of the church were having this “dinner on the grounds” in celebration and honor of McCoy’s dedication to the music ministry.

Tables were decorated with helium-filled white balloons covered with black musical notes tied to the center of the tables where sheet music adorned the middle of the arrangement. A large board at one end of the hall proclaimed, “20 Years Loved Jane McCoy.” Beside the long table filled with dinner food there were also a couple of tables filled with desserts including a large sheet cake in celebration of the occasion.

Asked what it’s meant to her to serve as the music minister for the past 20 years, McCoy said, “Oh my Goodness! Well, it means that I love what I do, and standing in front of a group of people, whether it be the choir, children’s choir, a hand bell choir, and, as I was saying in worship today, the congregation, and to see their faces, and to know that they’re singing their faith from their heart and soul. It is indeed a privilege and an honor and the joy of my life.”

McCoy recalled one of the more memorable moments of her career for the Tribune. “I’ll have to say one of the most memorable things was commissioning an anthem for my husband’s retirement as pastor. It was something that I dreamed of and getting to work with the composer to craft a song! A beautiful choral anthem and doing it all as a surprise and then performing that anthem!”

Asked what she believes the effect of the church’s music ministry has on the people of the church and of the community McCoy said, “I think our music ministry offers the gift of music and the beauty that it brings to our world and then most of all as a witness to our faith in Jesus Christ! That is the ultimate goal, and mission, of our music ministry! It’s music and what it does for our souls and to lift our spirits and to give us strength and comfort throughout our life. ”

She added that she was grateful and humbled by the outpouring of this honor that the church had bestowed on her at Sunday’s event.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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