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Locals responding to deadly Coronavirus

By Hayli Fisher

Weaverville – With the outbreak of the respiratory illness Coronavirus now in North Carolina, the Tribune reached out to the local community to ask if people are concerned about the virus and, if so, how they are preparing for it. To respect respondents’ privacy, we are only using their first names in the article.

Naomie from Weaverville is concerned about the virus, but she says, “keeping her hands washed and staying away from sick people” is how she is preparing for it.

Initially from Weaverville, but visiting from Birmingham, are Teresa and Kenneth. They are concerned about the virus but are not doing much to prepare for it besides keeping their prescriptions filled.

Ellen from Buncombe County is worried about the Coronavirus. She states, “Watching the news to keep up to date, washing her hands, getting lots of rest, exercising, and eating right” are excellent ways to start preparation for this virus.

A Weaverville local, Linda, a retired physician, is also concerned about the virus. “I’m watching the news, listening to what is happening, looking at the CDC website, and thinking about how my local church can prepare for it as well.”

Mary Lou, a local from Weaverville, says that she certainly knows about the Coronavirus, but she isn’t afraid. To prepare, she says, “Just continue washing your hands and not hugging or shaking hands with people, just like during the regular flu season.”

Visiting from Lakehurst, New York, are Dianne and Lee. “We will not be traveling abroad. We plan to keep our hands washed and not touch our faces or nose, and avoid big crowds.”

Another local who preferred not to give her name is concerned about this virus and is just watching the news and staying up to date!

Whitney from Weaverville says she is worried about the Coronavirus because the news is making it out to be this deadly awful disease. “I plan to just to keep washing my hands!”

Weaverville local, Jordyn, says she is concerned, but she doesn’t think that we can prepare ourselves. “We just need to take precautions and wash our hands a lot and keep your hands away from your face!”

Steve from Barnardsville is worried but says he will continue to keep his hands washed and not make any physical contact with people like shaking hands.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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