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Local business uses internet to help with people with knee pain

By Clint Parker

Flat Creek – Helping people rid themselves of knee pain has been the work of Bill Parravano for over two decades. Parravano learned how to help others after training on his first client, himself.

In 1998, Parravano, who owned a computer company and was living in Louisville, Kentucky at the time, was invited on a ski trip by a chiropractor friend. He popped his left knee out on the first run. After being rescued off the slopes, his friend popped the knee back and into place, but he didn’t go to a doctor, thinking he would allow it to heal on its own. He ultimately dislocated it four more times.

The last time it happened, he went to see a surgeon who worked to repair a torn ligament. While that was successful and he completed physical therapy, he was left with a stiffness in the knee along with pain and swelling, which was not conducive to his active lifestyle. “I wasn’t happy with my life. I couldn’t walk well.” He started searching for a solution.

“I traveled around the world and studied a lot of different modalities of bodywork and realized they were all talking about the nervous system and how the body can heal itself much easier, much quicker without having to strengthen the legs in hopes that the pain may go away,” explained Parravano.

“What I found out was that when you place the body in a position of comfort, the neurological signaling changes and the body lets go of tension at the speed of the reflect,” said “That’s kind of fascinating. I was like, wow, that’s pretty cool,” he explained. Parravano said he started learning and studying how to do the same for other people.

This was how Parravano got into the line of work he’s in today. He moved to the area in 2012. His website, “The Knee Pain Guru,” is where he meets and works with his clients. While he started about 21 years ago helping people relieve their knee pain, it is only within the last 11 years that he has been conducting consultations online.

“That’s what I teach clients online…and I help them relieve the pain in their knees and live healthy, fulfilling lives,” said Parravano. “There are so many things that people go to the doctors for, and physical therapy for, because they’re in pain or to get a diagnosis…We need to get a diagnosis first to know if something is broken or torn. But if nothing is broken or torn, then what are they going to do? They’re going to give you drugs; they’re going to give you shots, they’re going to give you physical therapy when you can actually do this yourself.”

Parravano has several packages that he offers to his clients online depending on their needs. You can find him at

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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