Local actor wins two awards for short film in the 48-hour film project

By Morgan Cook

Weaverville- Actor William Brochinsky is a native of Weaverville and has gone by the stage name Marc Cameron for over thirty years.

He recently participated in the 48-Hour Film Project which he shot at his home in Weaverville. It was also shot at some other Weaverville locations that many individuals could recognize, such as at the water-mill near Lake Louise. There were three required elements for this film to be considered in the project. It had to have the character Grant or Gina MacDonald in it, a window washer had to be seen, and it had to use the line “This is not what I signed up for” or “This isn’t what I signed up for.”

The film is titled, Summer Storms, and was submitted by the group, dMp. It is a short film lasting only seven and a half minutes. The film follows the storyline, “A war veteran returns home to help his best friend’s family say goodbye.” Marc Cameron played the role of Grant MacDonald, the father of the best friend.
The film depicts what life is like recovering and moving on from the death of a loved one, especially in the instance in which the loved one dies in war. It received seven nominations and won two awards. The winning categories were: Best Special Effects and Best Use of Prop. These seven nominations put it in the top three of 12 films.

He is also currently taking part in Third Eye Production’s adaption of the 2010 Tony Award best play, Red, by John Logan. This play follows the life of the Abstract/Expressionist painter Mark Rothko. It focuses on his artistic journey to create murals for New York City’s Four Seasons along with his undergraduate assistant, Ken, who begins to question Rothko. Marc Cameron played the part of Mark Rothko alongside Ryan Miller who played Ken. Jeff Messer directed this adaptation. Performances will be held on August 2, 3,
9, 10 and 11 at the MIX, 62 South Street #5, Marshall NC

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