Law firm holds open house

By Benjamin Cohn

Weaverville – Riddle Law Office, based in Weaverville, hosted an open house event on Thursday (Aug. 16) to celebrate its new location.

When asked by the Tribune about Thursday’s party, Norman Riddle responded, “[It’s] just to introduce the new site to the community, and to allow the community to see it, see the change in the buildings.”

Before being purchased by an enterprising lawyer, the lot at 68 N Main Street was, according to Riddle, an eyesore.

“For years, I mean literally twenty or thirty years, it was a building that hadn’t been maintained real well,” he said. Riddle took it upon himself to renovate the space, converting the run-down property into a respectable, local business.

“We took all the siding off, put new siding on,” Riddle said in describing the renovation process. “We’ve refinished the whole interior. We added the two parking spaces that are in front on the Main Street side.

“We paved the yard and did all the interior stuff, and it turned out real well.”

Riddle’s place of business changed officially two months ago. Thursday’s meet and greet cemented the local law office’s new location in the heart of downtown Weaverville, Riddle said.

Riddle was careful to clarify that his office concentrates in real estate, rather than specializing in any particular field.

“Over the years we’ve done real estate, wills, trusts, business formation, that sort of thing,” Riddle said.

According to Riddle, real estate tax attorney and business owner, there is something special about serving clients so close to home.

“My office before this was down at the New Stock Road exit,” Riddle said. “We were there from 2000 until just now.” Riddle enjoyed the increased exposure of being so close to the interstate but operating in downtown Weaverville is even better.

“It was a great spot, right off the interstate, but we like being in town. It’s nice being embedded in the community.”

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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