I just want it to be safe and legal

By Clint Parker

Many people are worried that we’re losing our country to immigrants. Immigrants are not what should concern us. We are a nation of immigrants. The country has been called the great melting pot where people from all over the world come to start anew and to work for something better than they had in their countries of origin.
Heck, my ancestors came here from England mostly, but also Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northwestern Europe, Sweden, Germanic Europe, Finland, Eastern Africa. There are even some native Americans, if the DNA profile in is to be believed. While my roots run deep in America (some ancestors traced all the way back to the late 1600s) and indeed in the mountains of Western North Carolina, my family still came here from somewhere else. Looking for a better life. As are most who are currently overwhelming our southern border and our resources ability to handle the influx.

No, immigration is not going to cause us to lose the country we love. It actually created the country that we love. It will also keep our nation strong according to demographer and generational marketing expert Ken Gronbach, who forecasts the future using demographics.

Recently asked on a popular radio show if the influx of immigration was good or bad, Gronbach explained, “Well, it depends…Does it need to be regulated? Absolutely! Can we just open our borders? No, I don’t believe we can.” Speaking specifically about hispanic immigrants Gronbach said, “We need them to pay taxes, be consumers and to be labor.” Newcomers are beneficial for the economy and indeed for the country as a whole.

However, illegal immigration is a concern everyone should share. Even Gronbach said we can’t just have open borders. Those who illegally enter the country used to be called illegal aliens, but it’s no longer politically correct to label them that way. Now, the more acceptable term is undocumented workers. I’ll stick with illegal immigrants and illegal immigration for this commentary because that’s what it is…illegal.

Why should we be concerned with illegal immigration? There are several reasons I’d like to outline here, starting with the humanitarian reason. What is happening on the southern border has been called a crisis with housing, food, water and medical care in high demand by illegal immigrants crossing into the country. Our border patrol agents and military that are stationed at the border are not equipped to handle the flood of humanity crossing over. News reports have confirmed that fact.

If anyone saw the media coverage of Vice President Pence’s trip to the border, that should answer the question of why a controlled and orderly entry into the country should be desired by everyone. Immigrants and our citizens alike.

Along with the humanitarian aspect of the problem is the disadvantage these illegal immigrants place themselves in when they choose to enter illegally. They are first taken advantage of by the people who help them enter the country illegally. The abuse can be financial, sexual or both. Once here, they fear to go to authorities when crimes are committed against them for fear of being deported.

These people are taken advantage of by those they work for and I’m not talking about the employers, but those who would be their emissaries to their employers. When they don’t have the proper papers, they have to pay someone who’s been here and has established themselves a fee to work through them so that these emissaries make a portion off of the labor each person they help.

There should be concern over diseases being carried by these people who just come across the border, and terrorists entering the country. There are so many reasons to be concerned with illegal immigration, not with immigration. I will probably be called a bigot for this commentary, but as the descendant of immigrants, I can assure you that I’m not and I don’t think that immigration will cause the loss of the country, I just want it to be safe and legal.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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