Homeschool moms open homeschool support business

By Lauren Hooks

Woodfin – Becky Beachman and Tatyana Edwards have been homeschooling their own children for five years. Throughout that time, they have learned how much it takes to make a successful educator at home.

Each year, new books must be bought, sports gear piles up for the youth leagues, and the old supplies fill closets. With the nearest homeschool co-ops in Charlotte and Greenville and a yearly conference in Tennessee, these moms found themselves driving hours to make homeschooling more affordable.

Over the past few years, they found themselves wishing more and more that Asheville offered a co-op or consignment store for homeschooling supplies and needs. Just recently, Becky Beachman said it was time “to make what we want ourselves.” The two friends have since begun a venture they are calling their “expensive hobby,” as it is new, exciting, and fun.
Just off of the Woodfin exit, New Horizons Book Loft will be opening on August 24th. The store will consign children’s books, textbooks, and seasonal sports and dance gear. The consignment period will be 6 months, and if sold, the consigner will receive 50% profit. The idea of the store is to help make homeschooling more affordable, by bringing a consignment store full of educational supplies to the Asheville area.

Additionally, New Horizons Book Loft will be a sign-up site for “Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.” This program sends one free book per month to children until they turn five, hoping to prepare children for kindergarten.

The store will also host classes. Two classes of cake decorating and crafts will begin on August 28th and 30th, being taught by Sandy Biddix, commonly known as Auntie Sandy. The store is located next to “Pot Pie,” a local bakery. The two stores share a connecting door and have already begun plans to feature one another.

The grand opening for New Horizons Book Loft is a planned event. Baskets created and filled by local artists will be raffled, and the proceeds will go to “Least of These” homeless organizations and “Black Mountain Children.” The opening will also feature “Mookie’s” cookies and face painting. Becky and Tatyana are hoping to have shelves filled, and so are asking for consignments now.

Anyone who consigns before August 24th will receive a 10% off coupon. Donations are also welcome. If you would like to make a consignment before the opening, appointments can be made at New Horizons Book Loft on Facebook or on their website, After the opening, consignments can be dropped off anytime during open hours.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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