Grand opening, new farmer’s market


By Benjamin Cohn

Weaverville – Local antique, home décor and oddity curators Terri Wilson and Victoria Hurd, owners and proprietors of the new Gotta Have It! on Monticello Road, celebrated the business’ recent opening with a grand opening Saturday.

“It was last Saturday (Sept. 8), and it was amazing. We had a group of women here playing guitar, fiddle, drumming. We had Eric-catered [Christenson, owner of Maverick’s Cattle Company] food, Cake by Jane brought 200 cupcakes. We just had a nice, steady flow of people., met a lot of nice people. You know, the word’s getting out. We had decent sales, the grand opening push worked.”

In addition to their regular business of buying and selling antiques and home décor, Hurd and Wilson are looking to expand and make use of their large property.

They have a spacious, 30 ft. x 80 ft. area protected by a metal roof in which they “would like to establish a permanent farmer’s market”.

“We don’t have set days [on which to host a farmer’s market]. “If it calls for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, we’ll do that. We just want to see the interest, and get people saying ‘yeah’.”

Based on local interest in other farmer’s markets, such as the Blue Ridge Market covered by the Tribune last week, demand does exist for a fully-realized farmer’s market featuring organic, locally-grown produce.

“We would love to have an organic, we’d definitely be pushing the organic.” Hurd emphasized her interest in having local farmers or growers with crops on hand to contact her for possible display in a new farmer’s market.

“Local farmers, people who have access to local produce, especially organic, and other food products. If they make jams, jelly, whatever.”

The business will serve as a parking area for the upcoming Asheville Van Life event in the Flat Creek area.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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