Governor Vetoes ID Legislation, NC Legislature Overrides

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Raleigh – N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper ignored the will of the people who voted in the November election and vetoed the voter ID legislation, but it was in vain as the NC Senate voted to override the veto. The senate vote was 33-12. 

“After several years of debate, North Carolina citizens voted to support voter ID in its state constitution. Despite the fact that voter ID is now required, Governor Cooper chose to ignore the people’s will and insulted more than two million voters as ‘cynical,’ ‘sinister’ racists,” said  North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes.

The vote is one of the final steps in the ID legislation becoming law which, barring legal challenges to the law, will require voters to show a picture ID before voting.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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