DOT says mud mess on road being addressed

By Clint Parker

Update:  While the road has improved some it continues to be a problem.

Woodfin – For a couple of months drivers using North Woodfin Ave/Brookdale in the Town of Woodfin have had to deal with mud and dirt on the roadway. Sometimes heavy at times. The problem is an ongoing construction expansion of the Curbie Recycling Center near the Craggy Mountain Railroad.

Trucks leaving the site have been carrying mud from the construction area on their tires and depositing it on the road for more than a hundred feet in each direction.

The Tribune contacted David Uchiyama, Communications Officer for the NC Department of Transportation about the muddy mess. Uchiyama told the Tribune, “The NCDOT officials met with the property owner and the contractor onsite and explained about the complaints that have been expressed about that location.”

According to Uchiyama, the construction site is supposed to have a mud mat at the entrance/exit for the trucks to cross. The mat is made up of filter fabric and railroad ballast-size rock, said Uchiyama. The mat is supposed to help knock mud from the tires of construction vehicles entering and exiting the construction site thus helping to minimize the amount of mud leaving the worksite and getting on the highway.

Uchiyama said the mat had been installed, but “…had sunk out of sight.” He added that, “Some fixes need to be made. NCDOT is developing a plan to get the road clean.”

The Tribune tried several times to contact the owners of Curbie Recycling and left several messages, without any reply or returned call.

Editor’s note: A new layer of rock has been laid and the road has become much cleaner since the publication of this article on our website.

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