DOT gets comments about highway project

By Clint Parker

Woodfin – About 100 people took advantage of a NC Department of Transportation (DOT) meeting Tuesday, August 14 to learn more about two possible changes to the New Stock Road exit and the adjacent Weaverville Highway.

DOT officials were on hand to talk to residents about two different options for the proposed changes to the way people would exit I-26 coming from the south and how that exit would connect to Weaverville Road.

One woman offered three other alternatives of her own when she wrote her comments out, adding at the bottom of her options, “Please do one of the above. Traffic on that right turn often doesn’t yield to traffic coming off [the] highway onto New Stock, thanks!”

She wasn’t alone. Another attendee who was asked which option he liked but wished not to be identified said, “I haven’t made that decision yet…I kind of like Option 3.” Asked what Option 3 was, he replied “Just leave it alone.” Asked if he didn’t think that there was a problem he said, “Oh there’s a problem and it’s going to get worse. I’m just not sure this is the answer.”

Resident Deborah Belles also offered some changes to the plan in a written comment. “Make that right turn part of the light or if they could extend that lane all the way to the on-ramp here because that’s where they’re going anyway.”

“Living in this neighborhood and driving this area on a regular basis for me, I really like Alternative 1 because it’s a little bit simpler,” Susan Presley said. “Alternative 2 is just a little bit more complex.” Presley was happy to see the DOT is taking action to help ease the traffic problem. “I’m glad that they’re actually going to do something now…we can no longer avoid it.”

Resident Robert Aha said, “I like the project” adding “I’m not sure which one yet, but just do it!”

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