County school receives cleaning help from local chain store

Buckets filled with cleaning supplies are loaded onto a Buncombe County School box truck for use at the school nutrition center.

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – Cleaning supplies are in high demand right now with the COVID19 virus to the point that grocery and other stores are having the cart wipes stands at the front of their stores stolen.

However, there’s one store that’s giving away cleaning supplies to the school systems to help with cleaning needs at their food preparation sites.

Weaverville Lowes made a donation Monday morning (March 23rd) to the schools to help out in this time of crisis. Lowes donated “hand trucks, black totes to haul items, and 50 paint buckets filled with laundry and cleaning supplies. “These items will be used for our meal service operation and will also be distributed as part of our family resource center that we’ve started,” said Stacia Harris, Buncombe County Director if Communications with Buncombe County Schools.

School employees brought a big box truck and loaded the supplies, which took more than three dollies to get out the doors of the Weaverville Lowes location.

Shannon Boyd, Buncombe County School’s Youth in Transition Coordinator, who was at the Monday morning event, told the Tribune, “Due to the fact that schools have been closed and kids are working and learning from home. So we are working with the school’s nutrition [department], who is doing an amazing job to feed our children. So we have gotten donations from Lowes to help supplement our cleaning supplies.”

Cleaning supplies fill more than 50 buckets wait to be loaded.

While all the cleaning buckets will go to the resource center, the hand trucks, along with the totes, will go to the school nutrition center. “The totes will go to school nutrition so they can transport from the meal site, on the bus to that location to keep things cold,” explained Boyd.

Weaverville Lowes Store Manager James Edenfield, who just recently took the position at the store, said, “This is huge for the store. The employees have been a part of it. The employees have absolutely enjoyed the process of being able to reach out and help out in the community. Everybody is having a tough time right now having to deal with a lot of things and we’re just doing what we can to help.”

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