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  1. Our HOA is hosting our first annual Holiday Art and Crafts Sale on November 10th at Reems Creek Golf Course Clubhouse. Raffle at the event will benefit the Weaverville Police Department Toy Drive.
    How do I get this listed on the events calendar?

  2. Please consider an article on all the new housing projects in homes and apartments in Weaverville, Woodfin and North Buncome in the last year, I believe the number will surprise you and your readers! We live out on Reems Creek Rd and the number is in the hundreds. Some pictures and info would be helpful. Example Maple Trace has sold all their lots, also some new land clearing just past Hamburg Mountain Rd is in process, what is the name of this? How about on a update on this changing scene in our beautiful area, also how much acreage is for sale in Reems Creek Vally, change is coming fast, please update in your publication!

  3. This note is for Sarah Scully regarding her honest commentary. I am an ‘outsider’, only here in Weaverville for 4 years. I feel her pain and heartache as us outsiders invade the area. The farm town I grew up in since the 60’s turned into a ‘bedroom’ town of Boston by the 1990’s. My parents were finally forced to sell off their beloved property because of the incredibly high taxes by 2008. I still dream of being back at that old house. The fields are now dotted with large houses. Strangers with values that I don’t understand live in them. Actually, they just sleep in them, as everyone is working to pay the mortgage and the strangers taking care of their children. I imagine their walls are not decorated with warmth like ours are.
    I just want to tell Sarah that I ride my Harley or drive my car through the mountain towns sometimes, searching for the most untouched places, which are the most beautiful. I love the crooked barns and rural houses. I love the people sitting on the porches, most waving. Often, as I see these remote places, I whisper a promise to the people that I will not spoil their way of life. Small gesture, but it makes me feel a little better.

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