Commentary: Newspaper Takes Advantage Of Web’s Best Qualities To Keep You Informed

Publisher lays out plan for use of the newspaper's new website

By Clint Parker


For years this newspaper has looked to and leaned on the print product, the newspaper, that we produce as the main way to get information to our readers weekly. We are still counting on the print product to be a major part of keeping you informed into the foreseeable future.


Having said that, we have moved forward from the old website to a new solution, which  launched Sept 1st,  2018. In doing so, we would like to say thanks to Weaverville businessman Jay Schauer and his Hot Wax website management system for the years of support to this paper. If it hadn’t been for Schauer and his simple-to-use website content management system along with hosting this paper, we might never have had a web presence.

We’re excited to have local onsite support with Pisgah Media Group inc with our new website and other digital solutions, with social media activity and 65% of our users visiting us on mobile devices, it was of the upmost importance, to have optimized media on mobile with the latest sharing solutions.  PMG has provided a complete makeover to the Weaverville Tribune and helped us create a home for the 6th Annual North Buncombe Favorite Finds online and continues to show us new ways to expand our presence on  social media like Instagram , Youtube and other social media platforms. Since Sept, we’ve also launched the Leicester Leader  website to support the Leicester community.  Readers can now access Hendersonville, Asheville and beyond from each web portal enhancing our reach. 

Social Media is here to stay.

It’s somewhere we need to be to continue to promote local business and deliver the news to our readers. 

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Along with helping us with our web presence, we have joined forces with Pisgah Media Group inc to help the area’s small and large businesses develop their online presence by offering custom business pages right on the Tribune website. Our mission is to help elevate local businesses and enhance their web presence, search ability and drive more opportunities to them.  The combined effort of web and print is a powerful combo in serving those businesses and helping them get noticed on the internet and in the printed newspaper. We now have measurement tools in place and can report metrics, we reach 10’s of thousands  on the internet alone.  

Not only are we looking to help our businesses with our new website, but the newspaper will use the new website to help readers of the newspaper in two ways. First, by keeping residents informed of breaking news. Second, by providing a wider local and regional content that will appear only on the website. And last of all, by providing news print articles here each week. Let me get a little more detailed with what we are looking to accomplish. 

First, the speed of the internet and the accessibility to mobile devices will be key to keeping readers and residents informed about breaking news. We no longer will  have to wait for one day, a week to keep people informed about breaking news.  Being one of the leaders in the area for breaking stories and community news,  the new relationship will only help us, reach you faster and with agile deployment. The key for newshounds to stay informed, will be us able to update social media channels with published news off the local news sites in mins.  

You might ask yourself why would you need to keep buying the paper, but there’s a good reason for doing so. While we might break a story on the website, we will have even more information in the stories printed in the paper. There will also be stories in the paper that will never make it to the web, just as there are articles on the website that will never make it to print. The only way to stay completely up with the news is to be a consumer of both the print product and the website.

A note to add to that second point about regional and wider local content: We’ve also been a hyper-local newspaper since our inception meaning we try to cover just North Buncombe and Leicester. Occasionally we’ll cover a Buncombe County story when we believe it is of interest to our readers, but for the most part we stay close to home. With the website we are free to add content to that we really don’t have room for in our print product.

Last, we will publish to the website many, but not all, of our articles in the paper. However, those posts to the website, with the exception of breaking news, will not be as timely as it would be to pick up the paper.

We hope you will be a consumer of both our efforts to keep you informed and engaged in your community. We certainly look forward to helping you stay informed and helping businesses to be on the top of the minds of our readers.


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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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