Collectors Dive in for Toy Plane

Antique planes are very collectable

Hubley Kiddie Toys are collectible.


Collectors Dive in for Toy Plane

Q: This metal toy airplane belonged to my dad in the 1960s. It is in excellent condition. The wings are red, and the fuselage is blue. Both wings fold up. The rubber landing gear is retractable. The canopy over the cockpit slides open. The U.S. Navy Stars and Bars wing decals are perfect. And the nose propeller is intact. The wingspan is over 11 inches. From the nose to the tail, it measures 9 inches. And the plane stands 2 and 1/2 inches tall. Marked on the inside of one of the wings are the words “Hubley Kiddie Toys — Lancaster — PA — Made in the U.S.A. — 495.”
We plan to keep it in our family and would like to know more about it. Is it a collectible, and does it have any value?
A: You have a Hubley Manufacturing Kiddie Toy diecast toy airplane. It is a U.S. Navy fighter/bomber. John Hubley founded his company in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It made cast-iron doorstops, toys and dogs. In 1930, it began making diecast iron toys including motorcycles, trucks, tractors, cars, planes and steam shovels. The “Kiddie Toy” line was produced from 1960 to the 1970s. Hubley passed through several owners and is no longer in business.
Your toy airplane is a popular collectible and was made around 1960. In outstanding condition it would probably be worth at least $90.

Q: This mark is on the back of a porcelain plate that has been in our family for generations. Also included with the mark are the words “Lord’s Supper — Copyrighted — First Edition — Warranted 25 Karat Gold.” The plate is 10 inches in diameter and decorated with a scene of Jesus and the Apostles at the Last Supper. A band of gold flowers and leaves surrounds the fluted border.
What can you tell me about its value?
A: Sanders Manufacturing Company was a decorating firm located in Nashville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1918 by J. Boyle Sanders. Many of the blanks Sanders used were made by Limoges China Company and Canonsburg Pottery. Sanders plates were decorated with advertising, religious, inspirational and fraternal organization themes, or special orders.
Your plate was made around 1950. There is not a big demand for Sanders Manufacturing Company plates decorated with religious themes. Other Sanders plates depicting the Last Supper can be found selling on the internet for anywhere between $10 and $30.

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