Change is inevitable

By Clint Parker

The only constant is change, oh yeah, and death and taxes. This week I’ve been reflecting on changes that have occurred over the last six months in my life and in the life of the newspaper.

Change is inevitable, no matter what people say, change is going to happen and you can either embrace the change and keep moving forward in life or you can let it change you for better or worse.

The most significant change in my life is the passing of my dad nearly two months ago now. I find myself wishing I could tell him things, whether it is something I found out about our family history or something about his beloved Tarheels. Just stuff I wish I could pass on that I think he would find interesting. For me, my faith tells me he’s got bigger and better things to think on, so I embrace the change and try to move on.
Other changes that have come are work-related with a nearly entirely new crew at the office. One of those I’ve had to say good-bye to at the paper was the Tribune’s 10-year veteran graphic artist, the longest employee the Weaverville Tribune has ever had (with the exception of me of course). He wanted to move on and I certainly understand. The change was a challenge for me and I almost made a misstep in replacing him. However, the change was embraced and was for the better not just for the company but for me, as the new ideas that our new graphic designer has brought has, I believe, made me better at the job.

Several freelance reporters have also moved on and we are testing out a new batch whom we have great hope for the future. We certainly will look forward to any feedback on the new bylines you’re seeing or will be seeing. This change we likewise believe will be for the better, but there are some you can’t replace, so we say here thanks for their contribution to the content of the newspaper.
Changes in our social fabric are also taking place. Some for the better and some for the worse, in my humble opinion at least.

There are constant changes in our lives whether it’s starting a new job, kids moving off or going off to college, health issues and hundreds of other things that arise as a matter of the course of life. How we face those changes will affect us for better or worse.

Some people take it in stride, others lean on their faith, still others find their coping in a bottle or pills. I say face it, embrace it and keep moving on! That is, at least so far, that’s been my attitude.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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