BlackHawks Middle School team wins over Asheville

By Stephanie Banks

Asheville – North Buncombe Middle School (NBMS) Boys’ Basketball travelled to Asheville Middle School (AMS) this past week of Thanksgiving and roasted the AMS Boys’ basketball team with a 53-32 win.

NBMS boys’ held AMS to single digit scores after halftime. This BlackHawks team is in sync together making shots that are unheard of. With strong blocks and crazy steals in the game, it seems hard to think they are just 13- and 14-years-old.

Hawks’ Chad Clark, point guard, led with 19 points and three steals. Hawks’ post Gabe Banks had 11 points, four rebounds, and two big blocks on Asheville. These boys are in double digits in games with a number of assists to their credit, which is helping the team win.

North Buncombe player Spencer Roane had seven points and six rebounds when he fouled out. This hard work helped his team. Parker Ingle had five points helping with three assists and keeping up on five rebounds. Hawks’ Canaan Norton had a night for helping his team with his five points and six rebounds and helping on six assists. He was on top for getting the ball where it needed to go. Also, Hawks’ Reid Cook was a big help on the post, getting five rebounds and two points. The team is firing on all cylinders together and picking up speed on great plays.

The fifth quarter guys were on the winning side with a 10-8 over Asheville. The fifth quarter guys are hard working group of seventh grade boys. Hawks standout players included Eliah Henson winning the tip off, and driving down the court was Carson Brown for the score right off. Jeremiah Dodd is hitting the points on his drives and rebounds being light on his feet, a high-flying kid. Eli Shinn is helping out on the wing getting the ball into the paint.

Remember Middle Basketball schedules are online. The next two games are at home. Come out and support the youth of the town.

By Stephanie

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