Barnardsville native has always found her way back home to the mountains

By Morgan Cook

Weaverville – Tammy “Trixie” Briggs was born Tammy Guthrie in Barnardsville in 1974, as the youngest of five children. When asked about growing up in Barnardsville and what stood out most to her, Tammy stated that “it was a small family town, everybody took care of each other and they still do.”

She graduated in 1992 from North Buncombe High School. Growing up, she looked up to her entire family and stated that the most influential person in her life “has never really been one person, it’s been my family, the Garrisons and the Guthries. We’d come together and love on each other, it was a big family, but we took care of each other and the community.”

After graduating from high school, she worked at the Biltmore Estate. It was here that she met Tom Hanks while he was filming and got to speak to him, but only found out after he had walked away who he was. She also worked in a Sanrio shop when she was younger, which was one of her most fun jobs because of her love for the Sanrio character, Hello Kitty.

In 1994, Tammy married her husband, Philip Briggs. One year later, her husband enlisted in the military and the couple began to move because of military deployments. They started in Biloxi, Mississippi, then moved to Warner Robins, Georgia and eventually to Fort Huachuca. In 1997 while the couple was living in Warner Robins, Philip was deployed to Saudi Arabia for six months and he was redeployed in 2005. She stated that her favorite job of all was being a military wife.
In 1996 they had their first child, David. They had their second child, Symantha, in 2000. Their youngest was born in 2009 and is named Vyvienne. In 2008, the Briggs family moved to Arizona and came back to the Weaverville area that same year. It was at that point that Tammy decided to homeschool her two children. Since the family was moving so much and she had always wanted to try it, Tammy decided to try it. She has been able to graduate her two oldest children.
Tammy has always been very involved in her community. She loves crafting, traveling and Hello Kitty. Along with homeschooling, her favorite activity is being involved in the scouting organization with group 521 in Marshall. She is a den leader for the cub pack 521 and the Scoutmaster for the girl’s group 4521.

She stated that her son David has Aspberger’s Syndrome. Tammy explained that she wished she had had someone to talk to about the syndrome and learn more from when he was growing up and so now that is what she wants to do for other parents having similar experiences. She said, “I want to be someone other parents can lean on and offer them help. That’s my purpose in life.” She loves offering her support to others and can make friends no matter where she goes. She explained, “That’s the thing, I know a lot of people from different places, so I always have a place to stay. I don’t know a stranger.” She knows somebody everywhere she goes and her travel experiences have only helped her make connections.

Tammy “Trixie” is happy to be back and living in Weaverville and explained that “even though the military has taken us away, we always come
back home.”

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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