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Weaverville – Native Western North Carolinian Author Wilma Styles will be coming locally to sign her new book Joy on the Mountain: Guarded Secrets Revealed.  Styles will be at the Weaverville Public Library, Saturday, January 19, from noon to 3 pm.

Styles new book is a story set in the early days if the American colonies. In the story, Margaret, a Cherokee Indian, is mysteriously summoned with her friend, Carolyn, to Pine Mountain Cemetery, not knowing what to expect. As wind moaned, lightning flashed revealing a stranger surrounded by a pale blue light at the head of her grandmother’s grave. His message “from the Great Eagle” sends Margaret on a quest in search of answers to her family’s secrets:

“From the ashes, a child will rise
and be transformed before everyone’s eyes.
A divine purpose will be fulfilled,
for this is the Father’s will.
In the forest, you will find
the clue that will show you what to do.
Many years ago, a baby was taken,
but that was only God’s plan in the making.
Now go from this place and don’t come again,
until you’ve solved the mystery
…and penned it with your hand.”

The first snow of winter had fallen in Cherokee. Margaret Phoebe Black, a 50-year-old Cherokee woman, pulled her coat tightly around her as she fixed her eyes on a mountain range in the distance. Margaret shivered as she recalled the horrendous events that had taken place there five years earlier. A fire burned in her soul to find and unlock the mysteries of her childhood. To do that, Margaret knew she had to find her Uncle Bill. He alone held the answers she needed. After Margaret’s mother, Mariah, had died, Bill took with him the small chest that her mother passionately guarded. Margaret was never allowed to touch the box or see what was inside.

The journey to find her uncle was quickly fraught with surprises and danger.

As for the author’s background, Styles, born Wilma Lee Harris on August 22, 1948, in Pensacola, North Carolina, is part Cherokee and a descendant of Johann Adam and Catherine Henkel Biffel. While still a small child, her parents bought a thirty-eight-acre farm in Fairview, North Carolina. She grew up on that farm with her mom, dad and eight siblings. It was there she was introduced to storytelling. Her dad’s brother, Lee Harris, whom the kids called “Turk,” kept them entertained nightly with his scary tales. Wilma had no way of knowing that she too would inherit the storytelling legacy and would be sharing her stories with readers. The author lives in Inman, South Carolina, with her husband, Ray.

The author has published three prior books: When I’m in His Presence, Angels of the Ages—a trilogy [ITALIC END] (Outskirts Press), and Forbidden Heart (Outskirts Press). The new book, Joy on the Mountain, is published by Grateful Steps, an Asheville-based traditional, independent, non-profit publisher located at Crest Mountain in West Asheville.

For more information about the book, its author or the event at the library please visit or call Grateful Steps, 828-277-0998. Refreshments and beverages will be provided free at the event.

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