Area Students Who Made The Fall 2018 Dean’s List At Mars Hill

Madison County – Mars Hill University recognizes 313 students named on the Honor Roll of the Academic Dean at the end of the fall 2018 semester. To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must earn a grade-point average of 3.5 on a minimum of 12 semester hours, and carry no grade below a C.

Lauren  Allen – Barnardsville, NC

Evelyne Dee Ball – Mars Hill, NC

Brenna Nichole Banks – Asheville, NC

Kathryn Elizabeth Benson – Weaverville, NC

Ashley Rose Bosonetto – Asheville, NC

Jeremy D Bramlett – Mars Hill, NC

Sarah Elizabeth Brown – Burnsville, NC

Alana Paige Burnette – Weaverville, NC

Samuel H Burnette – Weaverville, NC

Jonathan Caleb Calhoun – Leicester, NC

Jessica Lyn Carter – Asheville, NC

Pennie Ileen Charles – Marshall, NC

Hailey Nicole Cox – Burnsville, NC

Megan L Dellinger – Bakersville, NC

Brandi Aidrean Edwards – Mars Hill, NC

Shaconda Joyce Ellis – Asheville, NC

Hannah Leighann England – Burnsville, NC

Danielle N Fann – Weaverville, NC

Madison Gail Fender – Weaverville, NC

Zehr Taylor Gibbs-Barger – Leicester, NC

Honey  Griffin – Leicester, NC

Terly Yasmin Guzman – Asheville, NC

Addison Taylor Harris – Asheville, NC

Danielle A Harris – Asheville, NC

Jordan Bailey Harris – Asheville, NC

Brianna Lynette Harrison – Marshall, NC

Alexander Bakker Hill – Asheville, NC

Madison Noelani Johnson – Burnsville, NC

Sarah Rebecca Johnson – Weaverville, NC

Denise Frisbee King – Marshall, NC

Leighanna Meagan Lusk – Leicester, NC

Austin L Marler – Asheville, NC

Grace Madison Massey – Marshall, NC

Paige Aikens Massey – Weaverville, NC

Josephine Helena Matlick – Mars Hill, NC

Felisha Leigh Ann McCurry – Asheville, NC

Lindsey Caroline McIntosh – Asheville, NC

Tyler Nicole McIntosh – Burnsville, NC

Kimberly Marie Mynatt – Leicester, NC

Kendyl L Neill – Burnsville, NC

Benjamin Allen Powell – Marshall, NC

Nicholas Calvin Rash – Burnsville, NC

Devan Girard Ray – Marshall, NC

Tanieka Lashay Ray – Asheville, NC

Kelsey Lachelle Rediske – Marshall, NC

Monica Rae Roberts – Weaverville, NC

Shaelyn Erin Roberts – Weaverville, NC

Teresa Ball Robinson – Barnardsville, NC

Stephen Doren Schaefle – Leicester, NC

Hollie D Shelton – Marshall, NC

Robert Spicer Smith – Asheville, NC

Ty Ervin Snelson – Hot Springs, NC

Alyssa Leanne Sparks – Burnsville, NC

Rachel Elizabeth Stigall – Weaverville, NC

Delaney Willow Taylor – Weaverville, NC

Maegan Faith Thomas – Marshall, NC

Amber Celeste Vernon – Asheville, NC

Brooke Valerie Vilcinskas – Marshall, NC

Sarah J Weber – Weaverville, NC

Grayson John Wickel – Asheville, NC

Angela Nicole Wilson – Burnsville, NC

Natalie Page Wiseman – Asheville, NC


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