Are more hotels coming to town?

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – Back in 2018, the Tribune told readers about a hotel coming to Weaverville just off Weaver Boulevard. That project, under construction by Clarendon Properties, LLC out of Wilmington, a company formed in 2008, is nearing completion. On their website, the project is listed to be completed sometime in the middle of this year.

With Weaverville’s first hotel nearing completion, and the City of Asheville with a current moratorium on new hotels, could Weaverville see more hotels looking to locate to the popular tourist area?

The question begs an answer after last month’s Woodfin Board of Aldermen’s regular meeting, when Woodfin Town Administrator Jason Young told the board that the town might be reaping a “windfall” from the City of Asheville’s moratorium on hotels. He told the board that he was in conversation with two different hotel groups about building inside the town limits.

According to the Clarendon Properties’ website, the company is a commercial developer and “Through our extensive experience, we’ve forged strategic alliances with reputable companies, creating a ‘dream team’ that enables us to consistantly (sic) produce desired returns for investors, medical and dental professionals, brokerage clients and hotel industry leaders.”

In our original article from 2018, their list had at the top of their hotel project page the Weaverville site, which stated it was planned for opening in 2019. Since then, the site has been updated to say “Projected to Open Mid 2020​.”

“The Fairfield Inn is the only hotel under construction or to have achieved project or plan approval within the Town of Weaverville at this time,” Weaverville Town Planner James Eller told the Tribune. Asked if this was the first hotel for Weaverville, Eller said, “Rather than say it will be the town’s first hotel, I’ll say it will be the only hotel in operation once construction is completed. It is my understanding that the property where Town Hall is located today was once the site of the West Hotel in the early 1900s.”

So what about additional developers looking for places to put a hotel in the Weaverville area? Eller, when asked, said, “The town has not been approached by any other developers for potential hotel sites.”

Where might a developer build in the Town of Weaverville? According to Eller, “Hotels are permitted via a conditional zoning district from parcels found within the C-1, C-2 and I-1 zoning districts. Conditional zoning districts allow Town Council to establish individualized standards or conditions to the property in order to appropriately regulate site-specific impact on surrounding areas and uses following a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Board.”

Asked about some undeveloped land near Northridge Commons, Eller explained, “Speaking specifically to properties found within Northridge Commons, those areas are zoned C-2 and I-1. Meaning that should a conditional zoning district be achieved, a hotel could be built on those properties. I do not know whether private covenants and restrictions placed on the property would prohibit such a use.”

As in 2018, the Tribune tried to get in touch with the developer at Clarendon Properties, but as of press time, we had not received a reply to our call.

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