Another local bear encounter

Baird Mountain resident close encounter with some bears

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One of our readers, Nancy Kinder, sent us some pictures of her SUV’s latest encounter with nature. Living on top of Baird Mountain for the last 19 years she has enjoyed the view, the weather, and the wildlife. “We realize that we are the ones encroaching on the habitat of many animals, and we love to see them, but keep our distance,” said Kinder who found out just how real that was Saturday (October 6).

Kinder said in an email, “I needed to run an errand, and when I went out to my car, the front passenger door was standing open. Also, a one pound bag of pecans which had been in the very back of my car was now on the top of the wall beside our driveway. Half of the pecans were gone. I thought perhaps one of us was getting forgetful – and hungry. Perhaps a squirrel or chipmunk took advantage of an open car door, but a pound of pecans would have been difficult for a small animal to carry.”

Kinder said, “I changed into work clothes and went up on the mountain to continue working on some land where we’ve been clearing underbrush. About three hours later, I came down to the house…” and she next described what she saw.

“My car was in the driveway with three doors open. On inspecting my car, I found that each of the three open doors had muddy bear paw-prints beside the handle (Fortunately, no bears were to be seen). This summer, we have seen bears on a regular basis, as we do every summer. A big mama and her three half-grown cubs have been eyeing the bird feeders on my second story deck. If I catch them trying to climb up, a blast from an air horn usually sends them scurrying. There are also several bears that roam the area alone.

“I had made the mistake of leaving the bag of pecans in my car. Who knew a bear could open a car door? I also had two large bags of deer corn, which I had bought to feed the local deer and wild turkeys during the winter. These were ripped open inside my car and now my car floor was covered with corn.”

Kinder ended her email with, “Since yesterday, I have been locking the doors to my car whenever I come home. The bears around here are smart, as you can see. I also will not leave food of any kind inside my car, ever again.”

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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