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Ade named a top pharmacist

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Mars Hill – CVS pharmacist Brooke Ade of Mars Hill was named among the top pharmacists in the country, winning an award for Most Community-Focused Pharmacist.

The announcement came from SingleCare, the prescription savings service, when they announced their inaugural Best of the Best Pharmacy Award, which recognizes outstanding pharmacists in the country that go above and beyond to serve their communities.

Asked why did she become a pharmacist, Ade said, “I decided to become a pharmacist because my grandmother had a dangerous drug-disease interaction when I was a child. She developed a stomach ulcer from a medication she had been on for years. Then, a doctor prescribed her a blood thinner, which caused an intestinal bleed.

“She was okay, but even though I was young, I thought, ‘Someone should be monitoring this!’ I really wanted to make sure that people who were taking medications were safe and knew about the risks.”

Asked what she does to serve her community as a pharmacist, she stated, “I do flu clinics at local schools. Last year I ran them at Mars Hill University, Barnardsville Elementary, and elementary through pre-college programs in Madison County, North Carolina. We try to go to our local schools. It’s nice to get out of the store and into the community—to try to help them and do something a bit different than just being the white coat behind the counter.”

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Clint Parker

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