Addams Family an “A+” production

By Clint Parker

NBHS – The drama department at North Buncombe High School pulled off a quality production of the Addams Family billed as a “new musical comedy” last weekend.

The show certainly had it all: laughs, lighting, acting, orchestra, sets, and vocals. These elements combined to give the audiences a new look at that “creepy and kooky…mysterious and spooky” family known as the Addams. For those not familiar with the Addams Family just search the web for the fictional family created by American cartoonist Charles Addams.

The play centers around Addams Family daughter, Wednesday (played by Grace Hiller), and her newfound boyfriend, Lucas Beineke (played by Mason Stewart), who has proposed to Wednesday and his family is now coming over for dinner to meet her’s.

The parents of both are oblivious to the couples romantic plans until Wednesday confides in her father, Gomez (played by Caleb Miles). She forces him to promise not to tell her mother, Morticia (played by Molly Moran), until after dinner when the families have gotten to know one another. Thus ensues the zaniness in keeping the secret, and the Beineke Family learning about the peculiar behaviors and customs of the Addams.

The musical is filled with lots of songs showing off the actors’ vocal ability as well as the orchestra’s musical skills under the direction of Conductor Linda Jones. According to North Buncombe High Drama Teacher and the play’s Director Rick Webb, it took about 60 students to pull off the production. That includes stagehands, actors, and members of the orchestra.

The main set scene was elaborately constructed with the two-story backdrop including staircases demonstrating real conceptual thought in design and lighting of the stage prop. It was used for the majority of the play. Webb explained it was necessary given the selection of this play, considering it was character-driven.

“I try to design things that will be visually interesting within the scenes…these newer musicals are more, kind of static in certain spots. You know where it’s more character [driven]…I actually chose this one because it was more character driven,” Webb told the Tribune. “We have amazing students that can play these outlandish characters,” Webb said he thought this one would be fun after seeing it at Asheville Community Theater.

Webb said the play allowed students to show off their musical talents. “Our choral program here is top notch! Our band program is top notch, so musically we are fortunate that way!”

If you missed this four-show run, you can get a taste of the show at our website where some video of the show exists. Just go to and search Addams Family.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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