Accident lands car on guardrail

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – A single-car accident on 25/70 near Garrison Branch Road landed a vehicle on top of a guardrail on Friday afternoon (Nov. 15). According to a report filed by NC State Trooper S. K. Scharf, the accident happened at about 2:47 pm when Antonio Juan Defilippo of Weaverville was driving his 2008 Volkswagen and “…was traveling southeast on US-25. [The] vehicle…ran off the road to the right and struck the embankment. [The] vehicle…spun around and struck a rock then came to an uncontrolled rest on top of the guardrail outside the roadway.”

According to the report, the car was going about 65 mph in a 55 mph zone, which is not unusual for that stretch of highway and the driver was not charged with speeding. While first responders had the driver in a neck brace in the picture above, the driver eventually refused transport to the hospital. He was charged with failure to maintain lane control and damage to the car was estimated at $4,000.

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