2018 NBHS Hall of Fame Inductees

Editor’s note: The Tribune just received this information this week and will be in the issue coming out tomorrow.

NBHS – Back on December 14th, 2018 seven former North Buncombe High athletes were inducted into the schools Hall of Fame. The ceremony was held between the girls’ and boys’ games in the school’s gym. Here are the 2018 inductees along with their sport(s) they played:

Christian Lambert Melick (1983) – Football, Wrestling, Track

Steve Chandler (1985) – Football, Wrestling, Track

Kristy Ray (1996) – Cross Country, Basketball, Softball

Coach Fred W. Ray, Jr (1996) – 1984-2004 (Cross Country, Basketball, Softball) – Career

Amanda Massey Baldwin (2006) – Tennis, Basketball Track

Houston Steel Stewart (2007) – Swimming

Jean Wood Boone (2007) – 1983 – 2008 (Athletic Trainer, Basketball, Softball) – Career

Congratulations to all the 2018 inductees to the North Buncombe Hall of Fame.



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Clint Parker

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