Weaverville resolves a healthy, happy new year

By Liz Kirchner

Weaverville – On Weaverville’s Main Street and on the last day of the year, walk into 5 Little Monkeys, quiet and colorful and full of tidy bolts of cloth, and a guest is welcomed by a small brindle bull terrier named Frogger wearing a spring green bandana.

Cutting a swath of pink and yellow percale, shop owner Angie Lamoree reflects on her New Year’s resolutions. “My biggest goal is to stay on track with my planner,” she said. “It’s not electronic. It’s paper, but my best focus is at one quarter at a time. I prefer to do my resolutions bite-size.”

Stroll down Main Street and Gena Murfin, potter and production assistant at Mangum Pottery, is standing among the gently glazed gleam of pots and plates on display. Murfin says her resolutions are health focused. She runs the trails in Woodfin and Weaverville.

“Trying to run 15 miles every week. I’m also cutting out…Oh, that’s not true…I’m trying a modified Paleo diet…well, It’s very modified,” she says.
The shop is part art gallery, part workshop. “Don’t Postpone Joy” says a bumper sticker above a corkboard of curling family snapshots of laughing, growing children above a worktable mounded with ribbons of clay and pieces in the works.

Out on the cold, sunny street, Kathryn and Dirk Wilmoth of Weaverville are in mid-laugh.

“No, I usually I don’t make a resolution,” says Kathryn, smiling and helpful. “I don’t either,” says Dirk. “We’re two peas in a pod!”

Just outside of Well-Bred bakery, Cindy and Steve Ouzts, visiting from South Carolina, are carrying a metal lamp ornamented with a small figure leaning comfortably against the lamp reading a book. They’re headed to art cooperative Artisans on Main (14 N. Main Street) for a handmade-paper lampshade.

Their resolutions? “To shop more locally!” they said. “We love Weaverville.”
Just outside Blue Mountain Pizza, Fernando Alvarez, in a festive red scarf, is visiting from Southern California and carrying a take-out box. “It’s a Cuban,” he says. It’s not for him, he says. “My resolution is to lose weight.”
At the Weaverville Public Library, Ryan Kampert, trained as a linguist majoring in Russian and Japanese already, his resolution is to explore more languages.

“I want to learn a new language. I don’t know which one. I’ll have to see where the spirit takes me.”

New Years’ resolutions in Weaverville and around the world are being made – and not made – as the spirit takes us, as we set off running, smiling, organizing, dieting, learning and shopping thoughtfully once more around the sun in a new year full of promise.

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