Weaverville Police Christmas Story

Special to the Tribune

It all began in July with lots of motorbikes,
All wanting to supply Christmas help for little tykes.
Volunteers and bikers flooded the streets,
All so children on Christmas morning could have great treats.
The word was spread to Weaverville neighbors and guests,
“Let’s make this Christmas one of the best!”
Money was raised, toys were bought,
At the end of the event, some great lessons were taught.
Christmas is a great time of year to support, love, and share indeed.
Reach out to help those in your community, the ones in need.

Did you have a merry Christmas? Well, so did a lot of children who wouldn’t have except for the Cops for Kids program. The Weaverville Police Department would like to thank everyone who helped with the Cops for Kids Toy Drive! Through the combined efforts of Weaverville businesses, civic organizations, citizens and dozens of volunteers, the Cops for Kids Toy Drive was a great success. The program was able to raise over $14,745, which enabled 133 Weaverville/North Buncombe children to be sponsored with toys and clothing for Christmas.

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