The winners of the 2019 ‘Day in the Life’

By Clint Parker

We asked you to send those photos in for our 2019 Day in the Life contest and you did. Last week, a three-judge panel evaluated all those photos and came up with the three photos that they considered most represented the North Buncombe, Madison and Leicester area.  

Two were landscapes, and how can we argue the beauty of the area is not the “eye candy” we all love about living in the here. The other was a subject photo that was timed perfect and gave us an angel. So without further ado, let’s introduce you to this year’s winners and their photos.

The first place spot went to Angela Bassett of Leicester entitle, “Angel in the Air.” Bassett took the photos with a Nikon 3300. While we all may not be bird watchers, many area residents have bird feeders in their yards and enjoy setting on the porch in the morning or evening watching our feathered friends feed. Bassett just happened to capture one of the bird in an angelic pose.

Bassett explained how she got the shot that took first place, “She [the mother bird] was trying to teach the babies to fly. So she’s just out there flapping her wings…I just caught it when she had her head down and her wings down.” Asked about winning the contest Bassett said, “I didn’t think we’d place.”

Second place goes to one of the two landscape photos selected by the judges and sent in by Susan Weese of Weaverville and taken on her iPhone. Taken on her farm she titled the picture, “Evening In Spring.” She only submitted the one photo, but that was enough for second place.

“My father bought this property back in 1938…it’s like 75 acres,” Weese told the Tribune describing the property where she took her photo. “All the family live here. My brothers and myself all live here and nieces and nephews…all this he cleared off by hand. It was all woods.”

The third and final place goes to the other landscape photo submitted by Julie Haynes of Sandy Mush for her shot of “Early Mountain, Sandy Mush” just as the sun was trying to break through the clouds. We just have to admit we’re suckers for these mountains. Haynes submitted three entries and this is the one that caught the judges’ eyes.

Thanks to all those who submitted photos and please try again next contest.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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