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Starting yoga again, take it slow

Editor’s note: The following is a series on one person’s experience of taking a yoga class. Full disclosure: the author of this article was not charged for the classes and the yoga business advertises with
the newspaper.

By Bob Leary

Weaverville – To recap, I am taking a month of yoga at WE Yoga Warehouse, and sharing my experiences as a “senior” who has not done yoga for quite a few years!

I would not suggest doing what I did and jumping in with both feet by taking three classes in three days! While I bounced back fairly quickly over the weekend, in retrospect, I should have eased into it a bit slower! Not so much fatigued, but certainly sore as I’m stretching muscles and ligaments that haven’t been attended to in some time.
My second class, also taught by Ami Nicholson, is called Yin Flow, a series of Ashtanga Vinyasa asanas (poses), but held for more time. A vinyasa is a smooth transition between asanas (hence the term, flow), especially when movement is paired with the breath.

As with the first class, Yin Yoga, the poses are held anywhere from 45 seconds to two minutes. While considerably more challenging than Yin Yoga, this is still considered a beginners class. The student will recognize familiar asanas such as Downward Facing Dog, Plank, Cat pose, Cow pose, and one of my favorites, Child pose! All designed to stretch muscles and open up neglected areas.

Yoga asanas are a series of opposites, Yin and Yang, stretch and release. Anyone familiar with yoga knows about the Sun Salutation, a series of asanas that embraces the Yin Yang concept. This class certainly filled that bill! Where Yin Yoga is considered more meditative, Yin Flow is definitely more physical.

After class and reflecting back, Yin Flow will be a part of my practice going forward, as stretching is something my body both needs and appreciates. What I’m learning and a bit surprised by is the fact that these classes energize me. I may be a little sore from the stretching, but not fatigued as with some other forms of exercise.
In the next article, I’ll talk about Sankofa Yoga, my next class!

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