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Restarting yoga has been fulfilled

By Bob Leary

Editor’s note: The following is a series on one person’s experience of taking a yoga class. Full disclosure: the author of this article was not charged for the classes and the yoga business has and does advertising with the newspaper.

Weaverville – My original question was – What does it feel like (as an advanced senior) to take a series of yoga classes after a very long break?
To answer that question is very simple; it felt great! My hopes about restarting yoga have all been fulfilled. I have reconnected with my body and have started the process of stretching out those muscles and ligaments so long neglected. Having said that, I do remember overdoing it in the beginning, but it didn’t taint the experience for me, and I was able to move forward.

Of the three classes I took during this month of yoga, Yin Flow and Sankofa Yoga were my favorites and the classes I felt I got the most out of. Both classes left me with a feeling of being both energized snd relaxed at the same time. A unique experience for me. They were both challenging enough and gentle enough for my intro into yoga and I feel that as I get stronger, these classes will still be challenging for me. For anyone considering starting up yoga, I can highly recommend both of these classes as well as the Yin class.

Will this turn back the clock on my advanced years? Probably not. Well, maybe a little. I look forward to having increased range of motion, strengthened muscles, and perhaps an increase in energy. I don’t have any false ideas about what yoga will do for me, but I do know, as with many things in life, I will get out of it exactly what I put into it. So, going forward, it’s all up to me!

I have been very pleased with my experience at WE Yoga Warehouse,. Owner Nikki Flood, with her goal of “being the bridge between traditional and contemporary” yoga, has created a space both efficient and tranquil. She has hired top-notch instructors and has a wide variety of classes available to all levels of students. Nikki also is trying some different things with her Black Light Power Hour and Meditation Hour. See her website for more information on these classes.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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