Local farm visited by Under Secretary

By Clint Parker

Barnardsville – With ever-growing land development and increasing concerns over environmental resources, agricultural land management and resource conservation have become an essential facet of an already complex farming industry.

Barnardsville farm Burley Stick Farm Goods, a farm specializing in locally grown beef, has not only responded to the call for more efficient and effective means of preservation but has taken advantage of several Federal programs for just that purpose.

Bill Northey, the USDA Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm Production and Conservation, paid a visit to the fifth-generation farm recently to see an example of how government cost-share programs have been effectively implemented.

Co-Manager of Burley Stick Farm Goods, Morgan Metcalf, stated to the Tribune, “We were excited and honored to host Mr. Northey as well as his colleagues. It’s been rewarding to see the results of some of these new practices and how they’ve helped us improve productivity while being good stewards of the land at the same time. We’ve really enjoyed working with our local NCRS Soil Conservationist John Ottinger. To have him and his colleagues and supervisors from Washington, DC tour our farm was a wonderful surprise.”

Burley Stick Farm has been owned by the Metcalf family for just over a century. The farm is owned by Robert and Jo Metcalf and co-managed by their son Darrell Metcalf and daughter-in-law Morgan Metcalf. They raise Angus beef cattle and provide beef with no antibiotics or hormones directly to their customers. They encourage and welcome visitors who are interested in their farm and its products. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @burleystickfarmgoods.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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