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This week’s headlines


Sandy Mush men had a “mind to work”


By Greg Brookshire


Sandy Mush – Over the years the roads we travel have changed. We are seeing this come true before our very eyes with the widening of Leicester Highway. The last time Leicester Highway was improved was in 1956. This destroyed the heart of “Downtown Leicester.”


A few years later, in the late 1960s the residents of Sandy Mush were needing the main road in their community improved. The NC State Department of Transportation (DOT) came up with a plan, but it didn’t include straightening the road between Hogeye Road and Clark Cove Road. Read more...


Last Week’s Headlines


Body found on Martin

Branch Road

By Chad Nesbitt


Leicester - The Leicester Leader received several phone calls on Monday, April 10th, in regard to numerous Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department vehicles, the fire department, and an ambulance at a dwelling on the corner of Martin Branch Road and Leicester Highway. The exact address is not for certain.
A neighbor told the Leader that the person living in the dwelling had not been seen since around the third of March. The neighbor said, “There was a foul odor and an abundance of flies on the windows” in the home of the person missing.
Deputies found a body, but the department will not release the name of the deceased or the details until a full autopsy has been conducted. A Buncombe County Sheriff Detective told the Leader that they did not suspect foul play.
The Leader had numerous questions that we put to Buncombe County Sheriff’s Public Relations Office Natalie Bailey before we went to press, including: Read more...


Past Headlines


Life can turn on a dime

 By Erin Dalton

Leicester - Life can change without warning, on a turn of a dime. This change can be for the better, or it can bring more challenges and trials. Such is the case for newlyweds Ben and Natalia Bauman, when in December of 2016 Ben suffered a stroke leaving him with Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES).

     “He doesn’t remember that day at all. I was at work when he went to his friend’s house to have pizza and a movie or games when they called me, saying, ‘Uh..Ben’s not waking up,’” Natalia said. “And I said, ‘What do you mean he’s not waking up?’ cause I thought oh maybe he is asleep, and they said, ‘No, like he is not waking up.’ So I got in a car and left work.”

     Ben is a local volunteer firefighter with Leicester Volunteer Fire Department, with a goal of becoming a full-time firefighter. He graduated with a bachelor degree in fire sciences and earned all the certificates. The 29-year-old had even applied to the Asheville Fire Department.

   “That’s all he’s ever wanted to do is be a firefighter,” Natalia said.Read more...


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